Okayama University


To Current International Students

We inform international students of the important notice regarding the new coronavirus infection as follows;

1. For those who have returned home temporarily

 (1) Border Control Measures by Japanese govenment

・Due to the strengthening of the Japanese government's border control
 measures,those who have stayed in the following areas within 14 days
 of re-entry are not permitted to enter Japan at present.

     Areas for denial of landing

・ All persons having visited any of the the regions subject to strengthened
 quarantine within 14 days before re-entry (on or after the date added as
 an area subject to strengthened quarantine),including persons without
 symptoms of illness, will be requested to stay for 14 days at a place
 designated by the Quarantine Station Chief (such as hotels)and not to use
 public transportation such as trains, buses,or taxies.

    As for the regions subject to strengthened quarantine,
    please refer here.

  *Announcement from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
    To the people arriving in Japan from China and Republic of Korea.
    Notice by quarantine station to the persons entering Japan

 (2) Okayama University's measures: For those who have stayed in regions
    having an infection risk of level 2 or higher within 14 days before

   Those who have stayed in regions having an infection risk of level 2 or
   higher within 14 days before re-entry, please call Okayama University
   Health Service Center.
      * Okayama University Health Service Center
       phone: 086-251-7217 (Weekdays 8:30am-5:00pm)

   Also, please refrain from coming to the university, refrain from going
   outside unless necessary and stay in your room for 14 days after re-entry
   to Japan.

   Please observe your physical condition and ensure to take your
   temperature records everyday (twice a day:morning and evening),
   wash and keep your hands clean and wear facemasks regularly to
   prevent infection.

   ※Regions having an infection risk of level 2 or higher

     ※Okayama University Guidelines to Bear in Mind
       Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Infection

     ※Okayama University Health Service Center

 (3) Procedures associated with the above measures

    ・Contact your faculty / graduate school

   ・Procedure for Residents of Okayama University Dormitories for
    International Students

     ※If you are unable to return to your dormitory by the scheduled time
      due to entry restrictions or strengthened quarantine after re-entry,
      please contact International Student Office
     ※If you have stayed in countries or regions having an infectious risk
      level of 2 or higher within 14 days,please notify the dormitory

   ・Signs for scholarship
    Please carefully check your e-mail from International Students Office,
    as we have contacted individually to those recipient.

    ・Procedure for authorized absence

2. Suspected infection with the new coronavirus

  If you have any of the following symptoms, please consult the nearest
  "Information Center for Returnee or Contact Person"

   ・ When you have symptoms of coughing, fever (approx. 37.5 degrees or
    above), diarrhea, and/or muscle pains.

   ・ When you feel severely sluggish (severe fatigue) or feeling of dyspnea

  As a result of the consultation, in the case that there is a suspicion of
  novel coronavirus infection,you will be asked to go to a medical institute
  that has established a returnee or contact outpatient facility.

  Please wear a mask and undergo an examination at that facility.
  ※Information center for returnee or contact person

3. When infected with the new coronavirus

  Please contact your faculty/graduate school and call Okayama University
  Health Service Center(086-251-7217).

4. Other Information regarding COVID-19
   Information related to New Coronavirus Infection(COVID-19) from
    Immigration Services Agency

   Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare・Q & A on Coronavirus Disease
    2019 (COVID-19)