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Application for the Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies 【Deadline: June 5th】

May 28, 2020

In recognition of the wide-reaching effect of the novel coronavirus, a new national student support fund has been created to support independent students who are in a precarious financial situation due to a decrease in their monthly income to the point where it is effecting their ability to pay tuition or continue their usual student life.

Eligible Students
Students currently residing separately from their families, who support themselves with part-time work that has been negatively affected due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, and who are struggling to finance their studies even after making use of existing support programs are eligible to apply. [Including undergraduate students, graduate students, students enrolled in the Postgraduate Special Education Credential Program, and students enrolled in the Special Course for Yogo Teachers (School Nurse Teachers)]
※Please note that visiting students and research students are not eligible

Benefit Amount
Students exempt from residence tax: 200, 000 yen
Other students: 100, 000 yen

Every university has been given a recommended quota by the government. Students who apply for the Emergency Student Support Handout will undergo a screening process conducted by their university. Once their application has been accepted, they will receive a one-time payment from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

Application Method:
After reading the 5-page Application Guide (for students) and confirming that they meet the necessary criteria, students should complete form 1 and 2, attach the 7~8 required supplementary documents and send them by the deadline. (All documents should arrive by the 5th of June).
Please send the documents via registered mail or “post office letter pack light” so that you can track your parcel and confirm delivery.
In addition, in order to avoid unanticipated online problems and ensure the quick and efficient processing of applications, please note that online applications will not be accepted by Okayama University.

【Where to confirm the criteria for applying】
Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies: Application Guide (for Students)

【Documents to submit】① (Form 1) Application for Emergency Student Support Handout
PDF format  word format
② (Form 2)Oath Concerning Requirements to Receive the Emergency Student Support Handout
PDF format word format
③ Required supplementary documents
【Reference】 FAQ
(Form 1)Important notes regarding application
(Form 2)Important notes regarding the written oath

【Reference:MEXT home page】The Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies

Please send your application to the following address:
2-1-1 Tsushima, Kita-ku, Okayama
Student Support Division, Student Affairs Division, Okayama University
TEL 086-251-8436、0120-608-009  [Weekdays 8:30~17:00]