The Dean's Welcome Message

Agricultural science is fundamental to the future of humankind

Mitsuji MONTA
Mitsuji MONTA
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture

It is the role of the science of agriculture to ensure stable food supplies to maintain the sustainable development of humankind while conserving the natural environment. Currently, the human race faces issues that are highly relevant to agricultural science, such as food, environment, population and energy. Diverse and advanced expertise based on extensive fundamental knowledge is required to address these issues.

To develop human resources who are able to respond flexibly to increasingly diverse social needs, and who have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in a diverse range of areas, the Faculty of Agriculture of Okayama University has a single department system, under which students acquire a broad basic knowledge in agricultural science in their first year of study and enter into their respective specialized fields in the second year. Our four specialized courses of study?the Course of Agrochemical Bioscience, the Course of Applied Plant Science, the Course of Applied Animal Science and the Course of Environmental Ecology?cover a diverse range of research fields related to agricultural science. In each course, a variety of studies, ranging from genetic studies to fieldwork, are conducted. We provide various environments for experiments, training and surveys; these consist of not only lecture rooms and laboratories, but also the Field Science Center adjacent to the Faculty of Agriculture, the Tsudaka Livestock Farm and Handayama, which rises behind our campus. In the fall, the Faculty of Agriculture holds a harvest festival as well as a Faculty Fair, which introduces our education and research, to increase our engagement with local communities.

Okayama is known as the place where Hakuto white peaches were developed. It is also the birthplaces of a strain of cattle from which the Japanese Black Wagyu originates, and Japan's first rotary cultivator. Thus Okayama has made a substantial contribution to the development of agriculture in Japan. The Faculty of Agriculture of Okayama University is located in a place with such a history, along with a warm climate and natural riches such as mountains, sea and fields, and is accessible by several means of transportation. We look forward to welcoming new students and working together to shape the future of agricultural science.