March, 1900The Sixth High School founded
May, 1949Okayama University founded Department of Letters, Department of Education, Department of Science, Department of Medicine, Department of Agriculture, Okayama University Medical Hospital, Radioactive Spring Research Laboratory, Okayama University Library
April, 1977Graduate School of Economics (master’s degree program) established
April, 1980Department of Letters divided/reorganized into the Department of Literature, Department of Law (also with two divisions), and Department of Economics (also with two divisions)
April, 1993Graduate School of Cultural Science (doctoral program) established
April, 2004Graduate School of Cultural Science reorganized Second Division of the Department of Economics reorganized as night-time course.
April, 2006Graduate school reorganized/rebranded as the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Organizational management major (business school) newly established
April, 2008Department of Economics divided into management and accounting divisions. Courses established in organizational management and accounting.
April, 2016Curriculum reform (unit module system introduced with 60-minute format for daytime classes, comprehensive learning course and practical skill improvement course established for night class-focused course)

Statue of The Sixth High School Student at JR Okayama Station