The Dean's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Economics!

After its independence of 2004 as a sole entity as a faculty, our faculty has developed into a full-grown academic division of Okayama university, equipped with the Doctor Course, the Master Course, the Day-time Course and the Evening Course.

The 40-plus teaching staff is no less competent than any other counterparts in the fields of Economics, International Economy, Business Administration or Accounting.
We as educator put high priority on provision of quality education, and have high aspiration for knowledge as researcher as well.

Upholding high our goals of education, i.e., "achievement of intellectual creativity", "dissemination of knowledge" and "application of knowledge", we have opened our doors to everyone who is academically motivated. At present a large number of Southeast and East Asian students are enrolled in the Master Course.

Knowing our responsibility of accommodating the request of the society and satisfying the expectation of the students, we have put an emphasis on nurturing of a resourceful individual who can analyze and solve problems by himself from various points of view.
Communication skills are indispensable tools to convey your messages with your own words. In this time and age, you are particularly required to be a good communicator.
This doesn't necessarily refer to speaking in your own language but other languages as well.
Our program is so designed as to offer you lots of opportunities to learn these skills.
In addition to an academic success, I expect you to be kind to others.
The international society respects individuals who are "cool at head and warm at heart". It is of our great joy to see that our graduates are contributing to the society in their own ways as its fully responsible members.

With our four-year program, students will be able to acquire a good amount of knowledge in economics and management.
Provision of useful and practical knowledge is also of our great concern.

Other features include the Guidance Class for freshmen and the Seminar System for sophomore and above.
Small in number of students (usually less than ten), these classes will offer you plenty of opportunities to work closely with the tutor.
The former was designed to make you feel easier to adapt to new campus life. We also have programs to enhance English proficiency and computer skills that are essential in this developed society.

Here are some other systems introduced into to provide students with maximum learning opportunities as well as to upgrade the level of education.
Take, at first, the restricted-number credit system in the Day-time Course.
With it, you will be able to learn each subject more profoundly.
In the teacher appraisal system, you are allowed to evaluate the lectures. Also, for those qualified, we have study-abroad programs and a few of our students are granted to the posts every year.
Lastly, let me touch on the job situation of our graduates. In recent years, larger percentage of the graduates have worked for the national and municipal governments as compared to those for commercial entities.
There are also a certain number, though not big, of graduates who work as CPA after clearing the high hurdle.

ZHANG Xingyuan

The Dean's Welcome Message