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About the Language Education Center

At Okayama University, one of our key educational objectives is to develop graduates that can take a leadership role in today’s society. This demands acquiring international awareness and language ability in response to globalization, as well as fostering good communication skills needed in society in order to assimilate and integrate smoothly into both global and local communities. We at the Language Education Center (LEC) hope to make several contributions. The first of these is improving students’ ability to logically communicate in a foreign language in order to express his or her values and beliefs. The second is the acquisition of a solid understanding of one’s own culture and history while preserving an attitude of respect and appreciation for the cultures of others.

The LEC was renewed in April 2010 and works towards providing various educational services such as language classes, out-of-class learning opportunities, and cultural events. These include foreign language studies and Japanese language education for foreign students. To these ends, the LEC is playing a leading role in carrying out language education at Okayama University including designing the curriculum and teaching language classes. We are constantly evaluating and improving our educational practice to serve over 14,000 students, including 600 international students, and 2,600 faculty members in 11 departments and seven graduate schools. We offer a wide range of language education options, including English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. These options will enable students and faculty members to acquire basic communication skills or to improve their existing skills and to progress to the highest levels for both academic and professional purposes.

We also promote autonomous learning for both students and staff, including learning centers, e-learning programs, TOEFL and TOEIC testing, listening, and speed reading training. Moreover, we provide opportunities for cultural exchange as well as language practice outside class through the English Café, Japanese Café (Sacra), and other language Cafés where learners of all nationalities can communicate in a comfortable learning environment. The LEC also offers teacher workshops, public lectures, “English on Campus” lessons for high school students, International Cultural Night, and many other events.

Indeed, at the LEC, we hope the students and staff will continue to make progress together with the community to meet our language learning needs. .

LEC purpose

The Language Education Center has a leading role to promote foreign language and Japanese language education in Okayama University from a university-wide perspective, working on planning, implementing, and evaluating activities for language education development.

LEC programs

The Language Education Center carries out the following four main programs:

1. Plans and implements curricula for foreign and Japanese language education.

2. Conducts studies of foreign and Japanese language education in order to find ways to improve teaching and learning.

3. Researches foreign and Japanese language education methods and study materials.

4. Administers and operates language laboratories and self-study centers.