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1. Overview (Japanese Language Course)


(1)Classes are open to all international students at Okayama University. However, exchange students studying in this faculty for four years should take Japanese language subjects offered in General Education for Undergraduate Students.

(2)As a general rule, those who can attend all classes in session are allowed to take our Japanese Language Courses.

(3)All classes have a quota of 20 students. In the event that the number of students wanting to take a class exceeds the quota, students will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. As a result, there are instances when students cannot take a course even though they have enrolled.

(4)Students that have already taken this course and failed cannot retake the course if the class quota has been exceeded.

(5)International researchers are only permitted to audit a class when the class is not full. Please read the application process.*1

(6)Students who have never studied Japanese can take classes from the first term or third term.

*1 International researchers who would like to audit Japanese language classes should read this PDF file PDF, and submit an “Application for Auditing the Japanese language Course”form PDF PDF to the General Education Office located on the 2nd floor of the General Education Building A.


☆For further details, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

First TermThursday, April 7th - Wednesday, June 1st
Second TermMonday, June 6th - Friday, July 29th
Third TermThursday, October 6th – Wednesday, November 30th
Fourth TermMonday, December 5th – Friday, February 10th

Levels and Classes

(1) There are seven proficiency levels in the Japanese language course. A student must take a Placement Test in order to enter a class at the most appropriate level.

(2) There are skills-based and topic-based classes, and integrated classes in the Japanese language course. The integrated class is a class where students learn reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills in an integrated manner while also studying grammar and vocabulary. There are four classes per week, so please be sure to attend class four times a week. The skills-based and topic-based classes meet once or twice per week. You don’t have to take the integrated class or the skills-based and topic-based classes. Please choose classes in accordance with your own schedule and objectives.

◆First Term

◆Second Term

◆Third Term

◆Fourth Term

(3)If you want to advance to a higher level, you must take and pass one of the integrated classes (Japanese 1−2, Japanese 2−2, Japanese 3−2, Japanese 4−2, and Japanese 5−2) that are offered in term two or term four. You must pass both Japanese 6−2 (Reading and Writing) and Japanese 6−2 (Listening and Speaking) to advance from level six to level seven.

(4)Please refer to the First Term Schedule/Second Term Schedule/Third Term Schedule/Fourth Term Schedule for the timetable of each level.

(5)For information about each class schedule and evaluation methods, please visit the University homepage and click on “Japanese Language Programs”, followed by “Japanese Language Course”, and then “Syllabus”.
English: http://www.okayama-u.ac.jp/user/flec/en/syllabus_list.html
The teacher in charge of the class will give a detailed explanation of class content in the first lesson.

2. Things to Do Before Attending Class

Things to Do Before Attending Class

If the Test Cannot be Taken on the Placement Test Day

There will be makeup tests at the times and place listed below. Students who cannot come at these times cannot take the Japanese Language Course.
Dates and time:

3. How to Use the Japanese Language Course Web System

Important Notice

(1) Students can access the Japanese Language Course Web System from computers on campus. However, it is not accessible from the dormitories.

(2) The Japanese Language Course Web System is used for the following purposes:
Taking the Placement Test (Room B22 only)
Enrolling in a class
Dropping a class
Inquiring about final grades
Updating personal information
Downloading forms

(3) A student will need an ID and a password in order to use the Japanese Language Course Web System. These will be provided by the Japanese Language Course Coordinator.

Logging In

(1) Access http://ic.int.okayama-u.ac.jp/phpi/jlc/index00.html , and click 「全学日本語コース履修システム」.
2) Type in your ID and password, and click “LOGIN.”

Placement Test

(1) Choose a language. Fill in your personal information, and click “Submit.”
(2) Click “Placement Test.”
(3) After finishing the Placement Test, close the screen to log off. Next, to enroll in classes, follow the instructions.


(1) Choose a language. Update your information if necessary. Then, click “Submit.”
(2) Click “Enrollment.”
(3) On the screen, you will see your language proficiency level and the classes that you may enroll in. Check □ for the classes you want to take, and click “Confirm.”

You can read the syllabus for each class by clicking “here.”

※ If there is more than one class for Japanese 1, Japanese 2, or Reading and Writing 1, please select the class that best suits your own schedule.

e.g. Japanese 2:
There are Japanese 2 (A) and Japanese 2 (B) classes. The content of both classes are the same, so please select whichever class you wish to take.

(4) You will see a table of the classes you wish to enroll in. Make any necessary changes by clicking “Change.” Then, click “Enroll.”

(5) You will see the table of classes in which you have enrolled.



Dropping a Class

(1) Click “Enrollment/Cancellation.”
(2) In order to drop a class, uncheck the checkbox □, and click “Confirm.”

(3) A table of your classes will be displayed. Click “Enroll” if you have finished making changes.



Inquiring about Your Final Grade

Click “Grade Confirmation.”

Updating Your Information

Choose a language. Update your information. Then, click “Submit.”

Downloading Forms

You can download the forms for absences, re-enrollment, audit requests, and requests for a certificate of course completion. Click the name of the form you want to obtain from the list in the bottom left corner of the screen.

4. Grades and Evaluation


(1)In order to pass a class, students must not be absent for more than 1/3 of their classes, in addition to getting a final score of 60% or above.
(2)The Japanese Language Course offers no credits required for graduation.

Certificate of Completion of the Course

Upon successful completion of the Japanese Language Course, a certificate will be issued on request. In order to request a certificate, please submit a request formPDF to the Support Education Office on the 2nd floor of General Education Building A.

5. Other

Class Cancellation Due to Storm

Classes will be cancelled when a storm warning (暴風警報(ぼうふうけいほう) Boofuu Keehoo), a snowstorm warning (暴風雪警報(ぼうふうせつけいほう) Boofuusetsu Keehoo), a heavy snow warning (大雪警報(おおゆきけいほう) Ooyuki Keehoo) or an emergency warning (特別警報(とくべつけいほう) Tokubetsu Keehoo) is issued between 6 am and 8:40 am.
If one of the above warnings was issued after 8:40 am during a class, all classes after that period will be cancelled.
Please note that classes will NOT be cancelled due to any weather advisory (注意報(ちゅういほう) Chuuihoo) or heavy rain warning (大雨警報(おおあめけいほう) Ooame Keehoo).
Please read the homepage of the Okayama University and/or Japan Meteorological Agency for details.


Okayama University Homepage:http://www.okayama-u.ac.jp/
Japan Meteorological Agency Homepage:http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/index.html




Textbooks can be purchased at the bookstore in “Muscat Union” on campus.

Bulletin Board

Please check the bulletin board on the 1st floor between General Education Buildings B and C for information concerning offered/cancelled classes and room changes.

6. Learning Support

Office Hours

If students need any assistance or guidance concerning the Japanese language, they should arrange to see instructors listed below by appointment.

Questions about the Japanese Language Course

If you have any questions about the Japanese Language Course, please contact us through the URL below. http://goo.gl/forms/eBUk7shNU8

Japanese Café Sakura

The Japanese Café is a place for interacting in Japanese. Students who want to speak in Japanese or make friends should definitely try to participate. Events are also held, such as to introduce Japanese culture and mini concerts (at various times).
Date and time: Every Monday and Thursday, 4:20 p.m. - 5:20 p.m.
Place: 1st Floor, General Education Building A annex, inside the Language Café (L-Café)
Facebook: Nihongo Cafe Sakura

International Student Support Volunteer Group, WAWA, Okayama University

These Japanese language classes are for families of international students. International researchers and students may also participate. To learn more, please visit the website below.
Center for Global Partnerships and Education, Okayama University

Information about Volunteer Japanese Language Classes

Please visit the website below for information on the volunteer Japanese class.
Center for Global Partnerships and Education, Okayama University