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Preparatory Course for the "Japan-Korea Joint Exchange Program in Science and Engineering"

The “Japan-Korea Joint Exchange Program,” based on the “Japan Korea Joint Declaration (1998),” started in 2000. This is a program in which recent graduates from high schools in Korea are invited to study in the science and engineering departments at Japanese national universities for four years.

The students who choose Okayama University will study Japanese in the preparatory course for the first six months from October to March. During this period, students will take several of the courses shown in the table below according to their language proficiency levels. They can also audit science classes which are offered as general education. They will be given a certificate upon the successful completion of this preliminary education course.

After completing the preparatory course, the students will enter the science or engineering departments in April. Between 2000 and 2015, Okayama University has accepted 58 Korean students to the faculties of Engineering, Environmental Science and Technology, and Science. 34 students from the first to eleventh terms of this program went on to graduate schools for their further studies.