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Intensive Japanese Language Course

Intensive Japanese Language Course is a 6-month “preliminary education” for the government-sponsored international students. It focuses on intensive training in basic and practical Japanese and provides additional background information that are useful on their life in Japan. A variety of classes are offered to correspond with the language abilities of each student. After completing all 16 weeks of the course from April to July and October to February, exchange students with a confirmed pass will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Japanese:Students will take 6-8 classes a week that correspond to their language levels, in which they learn Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and practice conversations, writing, etc.
Supplementary Lesson:During the one-on-one meetings with professors scheduled once a week, students can discuss their own questions concerning their studies and challenges that they encounter living in Japan.
Study of Japan:Students will learn about Japanese culture and society through hands-on experiences such as the Japanese tea ceremony, handcrafts, field trips to schools and historical spots, etc.

Example)Suggested classes for a student who has no background of Japanese