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This room is engaged in fabrication of restrations and prostheses (crown, bridge, denture, maxillo-facial prosthesis etc.).

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Director of Dental Laboratry
@ Takuo Kuboki D.D.S., Ph.D.
(Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology)

Chief Technical Assistant (Dental Technician)
Keiji Ota R.D.T.

DeputyChief Technical Assistant (Dental Technician)
@ Junichi Sejima R.D.T.,B.A. Fuminobu Miyazaki R.D.T.,B.A.

Technical Assistant (Dental Technician)
@ Tomohito Nakano R.D.T.,B.A. Haruki Shoga R.D.T.,M.S.
@ Akihiro Ueda R.D.T
Hidehiro Arichi R.D.T.


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Updated in September , 2020


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