Our Goal

Okayama University is recognized as the top leading university in Japan. It has eleven departments and seven graduate schools. We, Organization for Research Promotion and Collaboration (ORPC), support all academic activities on campus that create new research concepts and generate interdisciplinary studies. Through our supportive activities, we contribute to make Okayama University as “Academic Capital Ewhere people congregate from all over the world. ORPC intensively goes forward generating collaborative investigations between on and off campus. We actively promote novel research, expand various research domains, and acquire large-scale funds for research. The following Research Goals are our concept in ORPC's performance.

Okayama University Research Goals 2016-2021

1. Goals for research levels and research results
Goals for the research directions and levels to be targeted are
  • To further promote unique, world-class research and research in the academic domains being focused on enhancing basic research abilities in all domains with a view toward maintaining and improving the quality of research,and
  • To ensure scale and quality when implementing research results in society by the use of objective evaluation measures.
Goals for implementing research results in society is
  • To broadly and actively implement the outcomes of Okayama University's research in society to serve as a catalyst for innovation with a view toward contributing to the development of regional and international communities, as well as the development of the Japanese industry.
2. Goals for systems for conducting research
Goals for the systems to aim for research quality enhancement are
  • To establish an evaluation scheme through the use of objective measures with a view to ensuring world-class research levels,
  • To work closely with regional national basic technology centers and promote partnerships and form units with overseas universities,
  • To enhance the research management abilities of research administrators and other highly specialized personnel with a view toward building an internal structure which can respond to cooperation across wide areas and globalization, and
  • To obtain funding from outside and apply such funds strategically with a focus on the areas where we are particularly strong and on areas which will be the foundation for next-generation research.
3. Goals for deploying researchers is
  • To attract able young researchers and bolster training programs for such researchers, as well as providing an environment amenable to personnel diversity such as promoting women and foreign researchers.
4. Goals for improvement of the research facilities are
  • To improve the academic IT environments and ICT infrastructure necessary for research in focus domains with the aim of improving research infrastructure, which is essential in all academic fields,and
  • To promote the efficient use of communal research spaces.