What's New?
Okayama University Silicon Valley Office (OUSVO) was Officially Opened at Fremont, California in November, 2015

The opening events of OUSVO were held on November 13th, 2015 at San Jose Fairmont. The events consisted of the official ceremony, symposiums including cybersecurity & bigdata and medical device global development, and Reception.
It was nearly 200 attendees big crowds at the San Jose Fairmont including prominent guests from San Jose State University, City of San Jose, Consulate General Japan San Francisco and City of Okayama. Prof. Kiyoshi Morita, President, Prof. Shin-ichi Yamamoto, Executive member of the Board, Prof. Mototaka Senda, Director of OUSVO and several professors from Okayama University also participated this opening event as a host.
At the opening ceremony, president Prof. Morita stated that we look forward that our OUSVO will take a part of our global strategy as a role of crucial hub, and contribute for Silicon Valley culture intensively as well as developing ourselves at the academia together.
The opening ceremony was followed by two significant symposiums. The first symposium was focused on cybersecurity and bigdata, and the second one was on the international medical device development between US and Japan. The capabilities of the team of Okayama University Hospital for sponsored trials, Investigator-Initiated Trials and Clinical Research was also introduced.
OUSVO has mainly three missions; 1) Development of international academia-industry relationships, 2) Contribution to our local society (industry, academia and government), 3) Being a part of global contribution strategically starting with Silicon Valley for advancing the promotion of our research and education in Okayama University. OUSVO also supports international exchange student programs as well as faculty exchange and collaboration globally.
Okayama University Silicon Valley Office (OUSVO) locates in Fremont, California. Please feel free to contact and stop by if you visit Silicon Valley on your business.