Industry Academia Government Cooperation

The Industry-University-Government Co-operation Office is strengthening its ties to academic, industrial, and support organizations in the Chugoku region and throughout Japan while actively collaborating with a wide range of industrial, academic, and governmental partners.
We also widely share the results of research at Okayama University with society and industry, and promote applications research jointly with corporations, directed at practical results.

Information Disclosure of Technical Seeds to the Industry

We are actively supporting participation in international exhibitions to promote and spread Okayama University's research achievements and technological transfer. Also, we are holding the various seminar, such as New-Technology Briefing Session. These activities are carried out to achieve the following purposes;

  • Induction to Joint research with the company
  • Utilization of intellectual property (technology transfer and licensing)
  • Exchange of opinions with other organizations

nano tech 2014 held at Tokyo Big Site

Okayama University New Technology Briefing Session held at JST Tokyo Headquarters

Promotion of Business Matching

We are promoting business matching between Industry and University, such as

  • Adjustment based on the comprehensive study cooperation contract with the company, that is, choice of the theme, and negotiations for acquisition of joint research funds,
  • Excavation and adjustment of joint research with new companies, that is, marketing of seeds by the implementation of technology exchange meetings,
  • Consulting to the technical problem coming up from financial institutions or business fair, that is, search for researchers and intermediation between researcher and company.

Also, we are supporting of acquisition of the competitive funds allowed by

  • Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST),
  • New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO),
  • Japan Government,
  • Other various public institutions.

The applicant downloads the following Entry Sheet, and please send to

Organization for Research Promotion & Collaboration
Phone: +81-86-251-7112 Facsimile: +81-86-251-8467
  • Technical consultation

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Events

We are planning and carrying out various events sponsored by a prefectural government, financial institutions and other organizations, such as

  • Seminar about Next-generation Technology,
  • Business Fair,
  • Others,
Security Export Control

The Government of Japan controls export of freight and technical assistance related to weapons of mass destruction in our country. It's necessary to have leave from the Minister of Economy, when out-clearing and sending a sample and an equipment to the foreign countries.
From such background, "Okayama University security export control regulation" is established in 2010 in Okayama University and security export control is trying to be put into effect certainly.
The cooperation head office of industry-university-government and the study exchange department are supporting a teaching staff member as the desk.

Upbringing Support of Venture Business from Okayama University

It is an important mission of university to return the various technology born at a university to society. But a university does not do original production activities. Therefore a partner of the industrial world needs for even excellent technology to pump that into society. But when no partner is found, it is limited for a university to advance research and development personally.
Now, "university-initiated venture enterprise" catches attention. Eight venture businesses were founded in fiscal year 2007 at Okayama University, and it became best of Japan.
Okayama University supports foundation and upbringing of a university-led venture enterprise aggressively as the strong means to pump the excellent study results invented at a university into society.

Services for Local Companies

We have some programs performing training for engineer, promotion of the Industry-University collaborative research, and technical consultation, for companies in the area around the Okayama prefecture.

  • Holding of the "Exhibition of Wisdom"
  • Research contents from a manufacturing technology to medical life system territory are explained in exhibition booth, and performed a lecture in addition, and research results are introduced to area company, citizen, students in our university in Autumn.

  • Training for Company's Engineer
    • Vibration phenomenon in the machine technology recurrent education
      Recurrent training program consists of both lecture and training for the mechanical engineers with six times a year.
    • Okayama vibration and noise technology round-table conference
      It is held four times a year in a salon style deepening the knowledge of the mechanical vibration and noise sound technology.
    • Management of Technology (MOT) seminar
      A company engineer acquires a system of the management of technology by experience in eleven times of lectures and presentation training.
    • MOT visit society
      It is held four times a year, and a company engineer visits the research and development type company in Okayama area.
    • New technology symposium
      It is held in January, and next generation technology is introduced to the area's engineer to investigate new business opportunity.

  • Promotion of the Industry-University-Financial Sectors Collaboration
  • In cooperation with a local financial institution holding a lot of company information, local Industry-University collaboration is promoted.