Technology Transfer


Okayama University Intellectual Property Office (OUIPO) conducts creation of the intellectual property such as patents that comes out of the results of research of Okayama University and its management, utilization and protection. We moreover transfer the intellectual property to industry in order to return the intellectual result to the society. By devoting the industry-cooperation system and IP pay-back obtained in these activities into new research, we develop creation of further research results.

We do
  • To generate and manage the intellectual property assets of Okayama University.
  • To promote beneficial interactions between Okayama University's researchers and external sources (academics and industry).
  • To establish a partnership with industry to develop Okayama University's technologies and inventions (discoveries) into products and services for public goods.
  • To leverage Okayama University's innovation to promote the formation of new businesses based on our University's technology to fuel regional economic developments.
  • Why
  • The mission of our office is to promote the transfer of Okayama University's technology and inventions (discoveries) for social benefit to the products development outside as well as to support the future research activities on campus.
  • How
    • By evaluation, investigation the market, patenting, licensing from Okayama University's research and discovery.
    • By hosting networking events e.g. "Technology Road-show (tentatively)" for the introduction of our intellectual property and the connection Okayama University's researchers with the external researchers such as academia, industry and venture business with entrepreneurship.
    • By generating and promoting awareness on the mutual significant relationship among other universities, government, and industry worldwide.
    • By extending the activities domestically and internationally by scouting capable individuals as staffs internally and a U.S. Representative in San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley).

Okayama University intellectual property office (OUIPO) is aiming at the intellectual property formation in a large industrial field by using "Magma Patents"

Contact Us

We work with industry to develop Okayama university's technologies and discoveries into products and services for public goods. We provide services to industry on Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), Collaboration, and Licensing domestically and internationally.

  • Contact in Japan
  • Prof. WATANABE Yutaka, Ph.D.
    1-1-1Tsushima-Naka, Kita-Ku, OKAYAMA, OKAYAMA 700-8530 JAPAN
    TEL: +81-86-251-8472
  • Contact in the USA and Europe
  • Prof. SENDA Mototaka, Ph.D.
    2450 Peralta Blvd. Suite #222 FREMONT, CA 94536 USA
    TEL: +1-510-396-2031

Our Technology
We have many research result in Okayama University. Here a few of best-recommended technology are listed.

Our Patent

In addition to the above technology, we have many patents of Okayama University's single application. If interested in these patents, please click here.

Procedure of Technology Transfer

When outer agency wants to use university's technology and patent, the procedure called technology transfer is necessary and three agreements bust be concluded; (1)Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), (2)Licensing Agreement (LA) and (3)Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The first Agreement MTA is exchanged between research institutions, when the substance concerning research material is transferred between the agencies. The second Agreement LA is exchanged between the agencies, when the substance is used. The last one NDA is exchanged after licensing is permitted, in order to prohibit leak of the substance information.