Japanese Language Class by WAWA

Japanese Language Class by WAWA


Formal nomenclature

International Student Support Volunteer Group, WAWA (attached to the Center for Global Partnerships and Education), Okayama University.


1. Volunteer Tutors

For the new students, for the first six months arrangements will be made to provide a volunteer tutor. As a general rule, once a week for about one to two hours the volunteer will meet with the student to assist them with such things as studying Japanese, shopping, and escorting them around campus. For other activities, decisions will be made on an individual basis at the student's request.

1. 志愿者 导师


2. Japanese Class

This is a class for researchers, international students, and their families. Class times are as shown below, but can be modified if needed:

  • Beginner's class: Wednesday, 14:00-15:00
  • Intermediate class: Wednesday, 15:00-16:00

Please come to Center for Global Partnerships and Education to apply.



  • 初级班 星期三 14:00-15:00
  • 中级班 星期三 15:00-16:00


3.Cultural Exchange Events

Every year, WAWA plans and executes events such as a welcoparty for new students, flower viewing, celebrating Tanabata, watching fireworks, hosting a farewell party, hiking, year-end and New Year's parties, the Dolls' Festival, and many other parties and events. At the Center for Global Partnerships and Education, the International House and various other places, details will be posted on the notice boards. We are looking forward to participating in these events will all of the international students!