Private Apartments


Private Apartments

 Okayama University does not provide an agency service for private apartments. International students who wish a private apartment must find their own housing.
 In looking for an apartment, your first step is to get a real estate firm to introduce you to a property. Once you have actually seen the property (room), you enter into a contract. If you were to only use a floor plan, you might end up with something different to what you imagined. Therefore, when deciding on a room, it is advisable to make a contract only once you have actually seen the room.
 There are many real estate firms nearby the university. You could also find apartments while walking around town, and some properties are even posted at the University Coop on campus.
 Generally, rent for a private apartment in Okayama ranges between 30,000 yen and 50,000 yen per month. At the time of application you may also need to pay a security deposit (two or three months’ rent), and key money, and an agency fee.

Rent per month

Building Type (pronunciation)
4.5 “Jo(畳/帖)”
6 “Jo(畳/帖)”
kitchenette,shared or own toilet, shared or own bathroom
kitchenette,own toilet, own bathroom

*An apartment is a multi-family dwelling that generally is low rise building or wooden or light steel frame construction.
*A condominium is generally a multi-family dwelling of reinforced concrete construction.
* “Jo(畳)” is the size of one tatami mat and is approximately 180cm×90cm. It is also written as “帖”

Payments required when making a rental agreement

Security Deposit
2 or 3 months’rent
In principle, the security deposit will be returned after vacating the room.
If there are any expenses to restore the room to its original condition or to dispose of belongings left in the room, etc., such expenses will be subtracted from the security deposit.
Key Mmoney
1 or 2 months’rent
Fee to pay to the owner. Non-refundable.
Agency Fee
1 month rent
Fee to pay to the real estate agency for its introduction to the property.

In Japan, a guarantor (連帯保証人) is usually required when renting private housing. For international students who have difficulties in finding a guarantor, Okayama University can be their guarantor. The link to the procedure to request the university to serve as a guarantor for your housing is here.