Procedure of requesting a guarantor of your housing to the university

Procedure of requesting a guarantor of your housing to the university

 In Japan, a guarantor is usually required when renting private housing. For international students who have difficulties in finding a guarantor, Okayama University can be their guarantor under the following conditions;

Terms and Conditions

① You have to be an international student enrolled at Okayama University, and your status of residence must be a “student.” Researchers and international students with visas other than “college student” cannot ask the university to act as a rental guarantor.

② If there will be co-occupants in the rental housing, they have to be their family or international students of Okayama University. Japanese co-renters or students from other universities are not allowed.

③ There aren’t any relatives or family living in Japan, who could be a guarantor.

④ The period of the rental agreement should be within the period of your current degree program or the period stated in the Letter of Acceptance.

⑤ Monthly rent fee is up to less than 100,000 yen (including administrative expenses, etc.) .

⑥ Enrollment in the Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan.
Period of indemnity and insurance fee: One year 4,000 yen or Two years 8,000 yen
Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (Japan Educational Exchanges and Services)


① Read and agree with “Contract”,“Agreement for the Disclosure of My Personal Information” and “Agreement of Authorization.”
② Fill out an “Application for the Request of Guarantor.”
③ Inform your supervising professor that you would like the university to serve as a guarantor for your housing rental and have them sign in the “Application for the Request of Guarantor” to show their approval.
④ Pay the International Students’ Comprehensive Housing Insurance premium at Japan Post Bank.
⑤ Sign and submit three copies of the “Guarantee Agreement(保証契約書)” to the real estate agency.
⑥ Receive the following documents from the real estate agency:

  • a)Three copies of the “Guarantee Agreement(保証契約書)” signed by the property owner or the managing company of the property.
  • b) Two copies of the “Rental Agreement” made with the real estate agency. Bring these documents together with:
  • c) “Application for the request of Guarantor “
  • d) “Agreement for the Disclosure of My personal information”
  • e) “Agreement of Authorization”
  • f) Receipt of the insurance payment
 (The Center for Global Partnerships and Education will seal the “Guarantee Agreement”)

⑦ Receive the signed “Guarantee Agreement” and “Rental Agreement” from the Center for Global Partnerships and Education. Then submit each one of the “Guarantee Agreement” and “Rental Agreement” to the real estate agency and keep one for yourself.


Please comply with the rules prescribed in the “Contract” while the university is your guarantor. If you fail to observe the rules, Okayama University will cancel the Guarantee Agreement, your lease will be canceled, and you will be evicted.