Campus Life

Campus Life

1. Academic Calendar

April 1 Academic Year begins. First Semester begins. October 22 University Anniversary
April 2 Entrance Ceremony December 2 Fourth Semester begins.
June 3 Second Semester begins. December 25~January 4 Winter Vacation
August 1~September 30 Summer Vacation March 24 Graduation Ceremony
October 1 Third Semester begins. March 31 Academic Year ends.

2. Fees (2016)

Category Tuition Fee (yen/annual) Admission Fee Application Fee
Undergraduate Student
Graduate Student
Research Student
14,800/1 credit

3. Tuition and Admission Fee Exemption

Full-time degree-seeking undergraduates and graduate students who have excellent academic records and yet have difficulties in continuing academic study because of financial destitution might be exempted from paying the total or half amount of the tuition and admission fees. After their application, the University judges whether they are worth being exempted. Non-degree-seeking students such as research students, auditors, and foreign government sponsored students are excluded of this exemption. For more detailed information, check the bulletin board and go to our "学生生活"(Student Life)(Japanese only) page.

4. Scholarships

There are a variety of scholarships for international students to support them financially. For further information, please refer here.

5. Japanese Language Course

Language Education Center offers Japanese Language Course for international student of Okayama University. There are 7 levels from beginner to Advanced. Course registration is April and October. This course is for international students who have already enrolled at Okayama University, and you cannot enter Okayama University just to take this course.

6. University Housing

Okayama University has dormitories for international students. For further information, please refer to here.
Those who want to apply for the dormitory, please follow the necessary procedures from here.


All the dormitories are for single residents. Students accompanied by dependants cannot live in university dormitories. If you accompany your family, you have to find the apartment on your own. It is usually very difficult for foreigners to sign a lease from overseas. The Center for Global Partnerships and Education strongly recommends that you come to Japan alone first and invite your family after you have settled down.

7. Private Apartment

Okayama University does not provide an agency service for private apartments. Therefore, you will need to look for an apartment yourself. There are many real estate firms nearby the university. You could also find a place while walking around town, and some properties are even posted at the University Coop on campus.
Generally, rent for a private apartment in Okayama ranges between 30,000 yen and 60,000 yen per month. At the time of application you may also need to pay a security deposit (two or three months’ rent) and key money, and agency fee.
In Japan, a guarantor(連帯保証人) is usually required when you rent a private housing. For international students who have difficulties in finding a guarantor, Okayama University can be their guarantor. As for the procedure of requesting a guarantor of your housing to the university, please refer here.

8. Part-time Work

To supply academic or living expenses in Japan, you may work part-time with advance permission (Permission for out-of-status activities) unless the job interferes with your studies. You can find some part-time jobs on the bulletin board at the Co-op.

Follow the rules below when you work.
・You can not work longer than 28 hours a week. During the spring, summer and winter vacations, working hours are limited to 8 hours a day.
・You can not work in the entertainment and amusement businesses such as bars, cabarets, pachinko parlors, etc.

※New international students must take “Campus Life Orientation for New International Students” before starting a part-time job.