Research on Novel Actuators

Takefumi KANDA

/Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology / Associate Professor / kanda[at]

Actuators are devices to produce “actuation” as mechanical output. Actuators can find a wide range of applications in scientific instruments, production machineries, and medical devices. The aim of our group is to pursue the interdisciplinary research and the academic-industry collaboration on new actuators and applications. Our research group consists of many researchers from a wide range of faculties including mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, science, medicine, and agriculture. We have developed many novel actuators including electro-magnetic, pneumatic, piezoelectric ones etc. Additionally, we have applied them to novel applicable systems. For example, some micro actuators are used as micro pumps and mixers, and can accelerate chemical reactions. A pneumatic actuator which has soft body can drive a power assist wear for medical use.


Pneumatic artificial muscle:The artificial muscle is a bundle of many thin pneumatic rubber actuators. By applying pneumatic pressure, it contracts axially with high power and flexibility like actual muscles.