Transport system of mineral elements and mineral stress tolerance in plants

MA, Jian Feng

/Institute of Plant Science and Resources Okayama University / Professor / maj[at]

In my lab, we are focusing on plant mineral stress tolerance and mineral transport system in plants. We have identified a number of Al tolerance genes in rice and barley. Recently we also have elucidated the mechanisms regulating the expression of Al-tolerance genes. Many genes involved in uptake, translocation, distribution and redistribution of mineral nutrients including Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn and Si have been identified in rice and other plants. Furthermore, transporters for toxic elements such as As and Cd have also been identified. Our goal is to improve productivity and safety of crop through our research.

Reference:H. Kumon, K. Sasaki, Y Ariyoshi et al.: Ad-REIC Gene Therapy: Promising Results in a Patient with Metastatic CRPC Following Chemotherapy, Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology (2015, in press)


Silicon is an important nutrient for rice and its uptake is mediated by two transporters localized at the distal and proximal side of both exodermis and endodermis in roots.