Alliance between Mathematical Science and Clinical medicine

SUITO, Hiroshi

/ Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science/ Professor/ suito[at]

This research project is belonging to JST Mathematics Program, entitled "Alliance for Breakthrough between Mathematics and Sciences". Project members are H. Suito, T. Ueda (St. Luke's Int. Hospital), N. Saito (U. Tokyo), K. Takizawa (Waseda U.) and K. Inoue (Chiba U. Hospital). This project will contribute to high-performance clinical diagnoses through construction of decision-making tools including mathematical modeling, simulation technology, image processing and statistical analysis. This research project is ultimately aimed at evolution of both mathematical science and clinical medicine. Here, some results of our numerical simulations are presented.

Reference: H. SUITO, K. TAKIZAWA, V.Q. HUYNH, D. SZE, and T. UEDA: “FSI analysis of the blood flow and geometrical characteristics in the thoracic aorta”, Computational Mechanics, vol. 54, no. 4, pp.1035-1045 (2014)


"Instantaneous streamlines of blood flow in thoracic aorta: Blood flow is simulated using vessel morphology obtained from CT scans.