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Academic year 2014

Academic year 2015

13 Nov. 2015 Okayama University will be officially opened its branch office in Silicon Valley.
5 Aug. 2015 Studies on peptide-modified cultures demonstrate control over both tissue growth and location in vitro.
30 June 2015 Mn4Ca-cluster Mimicking the Oxygen-evolving Center of Photosynthesis Synthesized
30 June 2015 Artificial Retina Developed by Okayama University Promises to Provide Effective and Safe Treatment for Vision Loss
30 June 2015 Neurons in Drosophila Related to Recovery of Jet-lag Identified
26 June 2015 “K Computer” and Life Science Symposium Held
26 June 2015 Studies of mutant fruit flies reveal how both photoreceptors and the visual system influence circadian clock neurons in response to changing light-dark cycles.
23 June 2015 Vice President Shin-ichi Yamamoto, Executive Director and Vice President for Research, presenting on research promotion and international competitiveness strengthening at Okayama University
30 May 2015 Screening over 700 compounds reveals a steroid hormone with the capability to promote the repair of cartilage in joints.
20 May 2015 UNESCO Renews Establishment Approval for the Okayama University UNESCO Chair
11 May 2015 Chondrogenic Differentiation Potential of Fluocinolone Acetonide Has Been Found
11 May 2015 New Antibiotic that has Activity Against Both MRSA and VRE
11 May 2015 Acetaldehyde Concentration in Mouth Air Associated with Tongue Coating Volume
7 May 2015 Studies reveal how high-fat low-carb diets affect brain activity and highlight an approach for treating epilepsy with metabolic drugs.
6 Apr. 2015 World’ First Hybrid Transplant, Simultaneous Transplant from both Brain-dead and Living Donors
1 Apr. 2015 Okayama University Office in London Launched
26 Mar. 2015 Studies reveal how a diabetes drug helps towards the rejection of tumours by supporting immune cells.
11 Mar. 2015 Researchers at Okayama demonstrate the promise of a new approach for stimulating neurons in the eyes of patients with dead photoreceptor cells.
3 Mar. 2015 Researchers at Okayama demonstrate the promise of a new approach for stimulating neurons in the eyes of patients with dead photoreceptor cells.
24 Feb. 2015 Associate Professor Higashi and Associate Professor Yorifuji receive Okayama University Top Young Researcher
16 Feb. 2015 Researchers at Okayama University have identified the role of an additional protein in controlling the signalling processes for bone repair and growth.
4 Feb. 2015 Exhibiting at “nano tech 2015”, one of the world’s largest integrated nanotechnology events
2 Feb. 2015 Children suffering from a condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome experienced some improvement in cardiac function in the months following injection of CDCs.
27 Jan. 2015 High-performance Terahertz Project Kick-off Symposium
5 Jan. 2015 Assistant Professor Hashimoto (Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology) awarded Nature Industry Award’s special prize
25 Dec. 2014 Researchers at Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine and co-workers across Japan have uncovered the crucial role played by a particular protein (TRPV2) in maintaining a healthy heart.
24 Dec. 2014 Research that Professor Miyatake is participating in is selected for Ten Outstanding topics from Research Results in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2014
19 Dec. 2014 Urban development through Civic engagement in Portland By Professor Steve Johnson, Portland State University
18 Dec. 2014 A New Suppression Mechanism Against the Proliferation of Colorectal Cancer Cells
10 Dec. 2014 Okayama University e-Bulletin Vol.9
5 Dec. 2014 Okayama University research: Photosynthesis in plants and new catalysts
30 Nov. 2014 Researchers at Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine and Kyorin University School of Medicine have successfully generated a kidney-like structure from just a single cell.
27 Nov. 2014 Native 3-D Structure of Photosystem II at 1.95 A Resolution Revealed
25 Nov. 2014 The 1st Okayama University and King Faisal University’s Workshop on Environmental and Life Science
25 Nov. 2014 The “The Fascinating Okayama University Research Capability ~ Exhibition of Wisdom 2014”
25 Nov. 2014 The first overseas office among SUN (Six National Universities Network) - The Start-up Ceremony of the Changchun Joint Office was held
20 Nov. 2014 The 2nd URA International Research Seminar held
7 Nov. 2014 Implementation of an International Research Exchange with the University of Seoul
31 Oct. 2014 Researchers at Okayama University in collaboration with several medical centres in Japan have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of a hypothermal treatment – pharyngeal cooling – for cardiac arrest patients.
28 Oct. 2014 Participation in Asia’s Biggest Bio-business Event, “Bio Japan 2014”
27 Oct. 2014 International Exchange Event “Erasmus Day” held
15 Oct. 2014 Regulator genes for seed maturation in wheat were identified
8 Oct. 2014 TMAH with KI Has High Toxicity – Effluent from Semiconductor Factories
6 Oct. 2014 Institute of Plant Science and Resources The 100th year anniversary commemorative ceremony
26 Sep. 2014 Selected as Part of the Top Global University Project
25 Sep. 2014 Okayama University e-Bulletin Vol.8
25 Sep. 2014 World's First Transplant of Parts of Lung from Mother to Son (2 years and 9 months old) at Okayama University Hospital
25 Sep. 2014 Okayama University Research: Magic bullet vaccine for cancer treatment
24 Sep. 2014 Announcement of Cutting Edge Research Achievements at “Innovation JAPAN 2014”: Japan's Largest Academia-Industry Matching Fair
10 Sep. 2014 Okayama University Selected as MEXT Translational Research Network Program Research Support Site
1 Sep. 2014 Miki Memorial Award to Professor Kumon (Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences) for Contributions to the Development of Local Communities
26 Aug. 2014 Kickoff Symposium Held for Science Ahead Global Campus Okayama
26 Aug. 2014 Involuntary Clenching of the Teeth in Daytime is Related to Tooth Loss
26 Aug. 2014 Periodontal Disease is Associated to the Lipid Metabolism Disorder that is Related to Atherosclerosis
26 Aug. 2014 Move on Sensing/Autonomous Underwater Vehicle named “Momotaro-Okadai No.1” Developed
12 Aug. 2014 Interdisciplinary Research Workshop Held on Project to Boost Innovative Technology Creation
29 July 2014 L-Carnitine Prevents Progression of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis in a Mouse Model
29 July 2014 Lavender Essential Oil Inhalation Shown to Suppress Allergic Airway Inflammation in a Murine Model of Asthma
28 July 2014 A lecture presenting leading-edge computer research by Professor Kanade (Carnegie Mellon University) was held
18 July 2014 The Okayama University Organization for Research Promotion & Collaboration Shikata Head Office opens, accelerating the work of bridging research results to industries
14 July 2014 The 1st URA International Research Seminar 2014 is held
10 July 2014 Okayama University Research: Innovative non-invasive ‘liquid biopsy’ method to capture circulating tumor cells from blood samples for genetic testing
7 July 2014 Professor Wirth (Cardiff University in England) active in the field of organic chemistry gave a lecture Future Session
4 July 2014 Selection as Center of Excellence for the Innovative Technology Promotion Project (Interdisciplinary Research) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
4 July 2014 A successful completion of a contralateral lung transplant using the lung of a brain-dead donor—first in Japan
24 June 2014 Okayama University e-Bulletin Vol.7
24 June 2014 Okayama University Research: Innovative pendulum-dynamo for generating electricity from tidal energy
12 June 2014 Unique Battery Anode Material Produced by Bacteria Found
9 June 2014 International Dental Center opens in Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy
9 June 2014 A New Type of Ice
29 May 2014 TRPV2 is critical for the maintenance of cardiac structure and function
26 May 2014 Presenting the latest research achievements at the Asia’s largest Bio event,“BIOtech Japan 2014”
23 May 2014 Transistors with Organic Thin-film of Alkyl-substituted Picene Developed
22 May 2014 Antibodies from Japanese patients improve accuracy of H. pylori assay
9 May 2014 A Canadian research firm, Advances in Engineering, interested in the research article by Prof. Nohara and others
22 Apr. 2014 A university-level agreement with Universiti Putra Malaysia concluded
15 Apr. 2014 Professor Yoshinori Moriyama, Associate Professor Hiroshi Omote and Assistant Professor Atsushi Ishikawa won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Commendation