International Clinical Research Program / International Health Care Program / To be born in April 2008

The Future of Health Science Aimed at International Medical Personnel

Now, Japan's role in the field of medical treatment is being reviewed from a global perspective. In particular, it is Japan's important task to determine how it will respond and aid the serious sickness and health problems of the Asian region, and it is hoped to develop experts who can cope with the difficulties of approving medicines, which has the perception of lagging far behind its European and American counterparts.

Okayama University Graduate School will, to meet the demands of the times, launch its International Clinical Research Program (Doctoral Program, four years) and International Health Care Program (Master's Program, two years) for the purpose of developing personnel that seek a higher level of professionalism and a global sense and aim to contribute as leaders in Asia.

Within these programs, in addition to cooperation from leading institutes from around the world, we have prepared a support system that significantly contributes to research. These include practical instruction that utilizes the advantages of Okayama, the base of AMDA, and closely supervised setting that introduces ''Educational and Research Diagnostic Electronic Charts.'' These programs have already brought attention to the Graduate School as an institute for the development of personnel at the international level and a research base for health, medicine and drug discovery fields not only in Japan but also in the rest Asia.

Past Results of Long-Term ResearchExchanges and Collaboration with Asian Countries
  • Past results of infectious disease research with Indonesia (Hasanuddin University (UNHAS)) and India (NICED)
  • Collaboration with China (Peking University,Fudan University) and Korea (Seoul University) in international clinical research (TR)(Gene therapy initiated by Okayama University)

Past Results of ''Asian Perspective''in Modern Medicine and Medical Treatment
  • Researches on gene therapy at clinical test stage
  • Seeds for the drug discovery against emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases,including malaria.

Collaboration with AMDA
  • AMDA, Association of Medical Doctors of Asia, is Okayama-based NGO with UN Economic and Social Council General Consultative Status.
    Established in 1984, it provides emergency relief to disaster affected areas and also implements social development program around the world.