Okayama University


Part-time Job

1. Part-time Job

International students in Japan on a Student visa for the purpose of study cannot, as a rule, take part in any activity that involves receiving pay, such as a part time job. However, a large number of international students have part time jobs in their free time to help cover their school fees and living expenses. Currently, about 80% of international students have a part-time job (JASSO survey). If you wish to have a part-time job, you must receive Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted at the Immigration Bureau, and ensure that your part time job does not interfere with the original purpose of your stay under a Student visa, which is your studies. Note that the weekly work hour limit is 28 hours a week. Furthermore, during extended holidays the limit is eight hours per day; however, work is still limited to 28 hours a week.

Convenience store clerk
(working cash registers, stock control, cleaning, ordering products)

With an hourly wage of 750 yen
3 hours/day × 3 days/week × 4 weeks/month= 36 hours a month
36 hours × 750 yen =27,000 yen a month

Language school assistant
(teaching English or other language, assisting a teacher)

With an hourly wage of 1,000 yen
3 hours/day × 2 days/week × 4 weeks/month= 24 hours a month
24 hours × 1,000 yen = 24,000 yen a month

2. A word of advice

There is no guarantee that you will find a job you are interested in, or that you will be hired after submitting an application. You should carefully consider the costs associated with studying abroad, and plan your finances accordingly so that you do not rely too heavily on a part time job.
We recommend that you would not work during the first three months of your arrival. First, you need to get settled into life in Japan and at the university, and then discuss your plans and receive permission from your academic advisor before starting a part time job.