Okayama University


International Programs

1.Okayama-Hue International Master’s Program

In this program, Vietnamese students study the fundamentals of environmental management, combined with agricultural technology. After completing the program, it is anticipated they will contribute to sustainable development in Vietnam as leading-edge specialists, mainly working in local and central governments, international organizations, and universities.

2.Okayama University-North East China Universities Platform Graduate Student Exchange Program (O-NECUS)

Okayama University and five universities in the Northeastern region of China are running a collaborative graduate program. This program allows students to obtain a Master’s degree at both universities by entering both schools as fully legitimate students and fulfilling the requirements for a Master’s degree.
*Harbin Medical University, Northeast Normal University, Jilin University, China Medical University, and Dalian Medical University.

3.Exchange Program Okayama (EPOK) and Other Exchange Programs

EPOK offers the undergraduate students of participating universities an ideal setting for studying abroad, one that nurtures education and learning as well as allowing for freedom, growth, and new experiences. Classes are offered in English and Japanese. Students will learn about Japanese culture, customs, and social backgrounds. Okayama University also accepts exchange students from other affiliated universities.

4.CAMPUS Asia Program

‘CAMPUS Asia’ has been running as an innovative educational exchange and cooperation system among universities in Japan, China and Korea since 2011. CAMPUS Asia is financially supported by the Japanese government. It aims to develop exceptional future leaders through student exchanges and high level education, while creating a common academic system such as mutual recognition by participating universities of academic credits, grade record management, and degree awards.