Okayama University


Tuition Payment Account Registration System

This page is for registering an Okayama University tuition transfer account on the WEB.
Please refer to the "Procedure Manual" for the registration procedure.

Before attempting to register

  • Student number
  • Financial institution account cash card PIN
     (Accounts registered to this system should be either under the student's name or under the name of a parent or guardian.)
    *The PIN is required for identity verification by the financial institution.
    The PIN will not be notified to the university.
    *The information required for registration differs depending on the financial institution.

Services via the Tuition Payment Account Registration

  • Okayama University outsources the collection of tuition fees to SMBC Finance Service Co., Ltd.
  • SMBC Finance Service Co., Ltd.
    Financial institutions
  • The following is printed on the passbook.
    (It depends on the financial institution.)
  • Examples: SMBC(オカヤマダイガク, SMBC, SMBCファイナンス, (オカヤマダイガク)自払

Tuition payment account registration procedure manual

Peruse the aforementioned cautions and the User’s Guide and go to the system webpage.
After logging in the Tuition Payment Account Registration, you will get forwarded to the institution’s registration page.

Click here for the tuition payment account registration page

*The registration period for the first half of fiscal 2022 has ended.
The registration period of the second half of fiscal 2022 will be announced on this page.