Okayama University


JA OKAYAMA-CHUOKAI Supplies Free Rice to Okayama University Cafeterias

February 12, 2021

The JA OKAYAMA-CHUOKAI (hereinafter referred to as JA Okayama) donated locally produced rice to Okayama University through the Consortium of Universities in Okayama. In cooperation with Okayama University Co-op, the rice was served to about 4180 students via Muscat Cafeteria (Tsushima Campus) and Cafeteria Bambi (Shikata Campus) for 3 days from February 8 to 10.

JA Okayama provided 416 bags each containing 2kg of delicious, locally produced rice to Okayama University with the aim of cheering and supporting students who may be struggling financially in light of the number of businesses and part-time workers who have been negatively affected by the COVID-19.

The event was realized by Okayama Prefecture and the Consortium of Universities in Okayama as part of a campaign to encourage people to support local producers and production areas by eating rice produced in Okayama. Despite the middle of the examination period, many students lined up to receive free rice.

As a direct result of the uncertain and unprecedented situation we are facing globally, local businesses and residents have come together to support Okayama University students. We thank everyone for their ongoing contributions and pledge to continue supporting our students so that they can enjoy their university life in spite of the pandemic.