Okayama University


"Aftercare Outpatient Clinic of COVID-19" Opens at Okayama University Hospital

February 15, 2021

On February 15, Okayama University Hospital set up "Aftercare Outpatient Clinic of COVID-19" in the Department of General Medicine.

Although much is still unknown about COVID-19, it has been reported that even after recovery, many patients still suffer from muscle weakness, insomnia, dyspnea (shortness of breath), hair loss, abnormal sense of smell, anxiety and depression. "Aftercare Outpatient Clinic of COVID-19" aim to provide highly specialized medical care to those suffering from such long-term effects in Okayama prefecture in cooperation with other clinical.

Since 2020, the COVID-19 has been raged across not only Japan but all over the world, and the Chugoku region, including Okayama prefecture, is no exception. As of January 2021, the cumulative number of infected people in Okayama Prefecture has exceeded 2,000, and it is thought that many patients will experience long-term medical problems after getting infected. According to overseas reports, more than half of the patients infected with COVID-19 develop lingering symptoms such as general malaise, sleep disorders, anxiety / depression and those who experience severe symptoms may require medical assistance. In addition, because everyone’s needs are unique and the medical treatment can be complicated, it is important to systematically diagnose and treat patients in an environment with a well-established medical treatment system.

As a university hospital, "Aftercare Outpatient Clinic of COVID-19" has unique access to specialized examination procedures and close cooperation with other clinical departments, while the Department of General Medicine plays a central role in diagnosis and treatment.

We will also act as a central source for all needed health care providers to comprehensively help patients suffering from various post-coronavirus symptoms and ensure smooth medical treatment in cooperation with local medical institutions.