Okayama University


Okayama University Unveils New Public Relations Vehicle

March 12, 2021

Okayama University has introduced a new public relation vehicle bearing the university’s official communication symbol along with a colorful motif.

The color scheme of the motif’s playful design reflects the SDGs logo in recognition of Okayama University’s numerous activities promoting sustainable development. The design expresses the university’s two-fold desire to connect locally and globally and is intended to raise local awareness of Okayama University’s community initiatives. The vehicle was purchased with the support of the National University Project to Strengthen Innovation Environments support grant and will principally be used for fund-raising activities for the Okayama University Academic Capital Foundation.

On March 11, President MAKINO Hirofumi took the vehicle for a test drive in the presence of university representatives including Vice President and Executive Director for Research NASU Yasutomo, Executive Director for Planning and General Affairs TAKAHASHI Kayo, and Vice President KAGA Masaru.

The university pledges to use this new vehicle as a means to actively connect with various communities, both in- and outside Okayama Prefecture, while advancing sustainable development, innovation, and social reform.