Okayama University


2021 Academic Year Okayama University Undergraduate and Graduate School Matriculation Ceremony, 4th Annual Kanemitsu Awards Ceremony Was Held

April 02, 2021

On April 2, Okayama University held matriculation ceremony for its undergraduate and graduate students at the 50th Anniversary Memorial Hall (Kanemitsu Hall). Selected students were also awarded with the Kanemitsu Award. This year marks the 4th annual Kanemitsu Award Ceremony, honoring students who have made significant achievements in their research or international activities. Last year, the matriculation ceremony had to be cancelled due to the spread of the COVID-19, and Okayama University President MAKINO Hirofumi recorded an online video message for students instead. This year, the ceremonies was held while observing various safety measures to reduce risk of infection. As part of the safety measures, student representative and university personnel took part in the ceremony.

Both ceremonies were also streamed online in a YouTube. Addressing 3,397 entrants, President Makino referred to the words of KOKUSHO Iwao, who was the president of the Sixth High School, one of the forerunners of Okayama University, saying “I encourage you to disregard the limitations of other people’s opinions and so-called common sense. Take calculated risks and be open to trying new things.
Keep an open mind and free spirit, and search for wisdom beyond knowledge. Don’t be afraid of failure, but rather challenge yourselves to create new value based on your student experience and keep the words of principle Kokusho close to your hearts.” Representating the new entrants, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences HIROI Maharu remarked, “Though not all of the new students were able to attend the ceremony today, I am sure that I speak for all of us when I say that we are looking forward to learning together.”

At the Kanemitsu Award Ceremony that immediately followed, two students representing 21 recipients accepted a certificate of commendation and a “mokuroku” from President Makino. (A mokuroku is a special document that catalogs the name of an award, title, rank, or article or gift to be conferred upon the recipient.)

※The Kanemitsu Award was created with the help of a generous donation from KANEMITSU Tomio, who was among the second batch of graduates from Okayama University Graduate School. Only one student from each undergraduate faculty and graduate school is selected to receive the award. Recipients for the graduate school are generally students enrolled in Master's or Doctor's Course who have made remarkable achievements in research, while undergraduate recipients are generally students in their 4th year (as of April) who have studied abroad or been involved in meaningful international activities and who have been recognized for their excellent academic achievement.