Okayama University


Associate Professor YOSHIDA Keisuke Receives Research Encouragement Award from Electric Technology Research Foundation of Chugoku

June 03, 2021

Okayama University Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science Associate Professor YOSHIDA Keisuke was selected by Electric Technology Research Foundation of Chugoku for Research Encouragement Award 2021.

Electric Technology Research Foundation of Chugoku aims to contribute to the prosperity of the local Chugoku region as well as to the development of Japanese industry through the robust development of energy technology and electrical power. Its main activities include subsidizing experimental research on basic technologies related to the supply and use of electrical power in the Chugoku region. Associate Professor YOSHIDA was selected for the award based on research completed in 2019 and was the only scholar selected for the award this year. Through his research, he developed a method to predict the overflow risk for river embankments during floods using airborne laser bathymetry data.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus, it was not possible to hold an official ceremony. Instead, a private ceremony was held on June 1 at Okayama University, where Professor SUGA Seiji, who is the dean of the faculty of engineering as well as the director of the aforementioned research foundation, presented Associate Professor YOSHIDA with a certificate of commendation and a supplementary prize.

Upon receiving the award, Associate Professor YOSHIDA commented, “I am grateful to the many researchers who collaborated with me on this project, without whom I would not have won this award. We will continue to strive for great research results.”