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Okayama University DS Club Holds “Okadai DX Hackathon”, Encourages Participants to Use Data Science to Solve Daily Life Problems

September 06, 2021

On August 20, 21 and 28, Okayama University DS Club hosted an online event called “Okadai DX Hackathon” and encouraged participants to consider Digital Transformation (DX) as a means to solve daily life problems in campus. Hackathons are typically aimed at software developers and engineers with the purpose of creating new software or hardware by the end of the event. However, this online event did not focus on technical capabilities or completeness, but rather on creativity and the ability to recognize common problems. Furthermore, participants were not expected to have programming experience and they were introduced to NoCode tools and applications during the event. 24 students and staff and faculty members participated over the three days.

Like many other hackathons, the initial stages of the event involved an ideathon. On the first two days (participants had to sign up for one of the days), participants were divided into six groups to brainstorm different issues they commonly experience as part of their daily lives at Okayama University and come up with possible solutions. Then, participants had just under a week to turn their proposed solutions into a reality. On the last day of the hackathon, participants gave presentations on their progress.

Participants suggested numerous ideas, including finding a way for people to be able to look up the menu of the day at the university cafeteria without actually going there in person or changing the system of entry at the library so that students can go in using a QR code on their phones. Participants were impressed at the wonderful ideas put forward by the other teams and many remarked that they learned a lot over the course of the event.

Okayama University promotes mathematical and data science education for all students, from liberal arts majors to science majors. As part of the university’s endeavors, the DS Club hopes to develop initiatives that go beyond hierarchical and disciplinary boundaries.
●Okayama University DS Club
Established in 2021, the Okayama University DS Club is a student organization that aims to create new value through DS (Data Science) and innovation. Moving beyond hierarchical and disciplinary boundaries, the club incorporates data science and individual learning at university to approach real-life issues. The club hopes to encourage beginners to use data science to solve daily life problems easily and efficiently.