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Exchange Event Held Between Okayama University Faculty of Economics Students and Stanford University MBA Student

September 08, 2021

On September 3, the Faculty of Economics at Okayama University hosted an online exchange event with a Stanford MBA (Master of Business Administration) student participating in Stanford University’s Management Immersion Experience, a short-term internship program that allows students to work on projects over their summer break. Daniel Richey from Stanford University joined the event, along with three second-year students from Okayama University’s Faculty of Economics, as well as three faculty members from the Okayama University and three staff members from Okayama Prefectural Office.

Mr. Richey is conducting a project to develop strategies that will attract businesses and offices to Okayama Prefecture. Okayama University is interested in regional revitalisation as part of its efforts to promote the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). During the event, Okayama University Faculty of Economics students gave a presentation related to the SDGs, focusing on tourism in Okayama and the local textile industry, as well as the current situation under the global pandemic.

Participants engaged in a lively exchange of ideas and opinions. The event was held in English, and it proved to be a valuable opportunity for Okayama University students to practice their language skills. The Faculty of Economics hopes to continue facilitating similar opportunities in the future.

Global Management Immersion Experience: Okayama University and Stanford University Exchange Meeting

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* School life at Okayama University --- NAKAMURA Yuuki
* Okayama jeans and textile industry --- SAEKI Atsushi

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