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Okayama University Holds 2021 Autumn Graduation Ceremony

September 24, 2021

On September 24, Okayama University held the 2021 Autumn Graduation Ceremony at the 50th Anniversary Memorial Hall in honor of 180 undergraduates and graduates preparing to leave the campus where they made many unforgettable memories.

As a result of the ongoing situation under the coronavirus pandemic, attendance was restricted to graduating students and university personnel. President MAKINO Hirofumi conferred diplomas and certificates of completion on 5 student representatives from undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, one student was presented with the Okayama University Kokusho Award, which is given to students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement and character.
President MAKINO Hirofumi gave the opening address in English, saying, “We hope that you will be proud of what you have learned at Okayama University and what you have accomplished in obtaining your respective degrees. We wish you a lifetime of success, health, and happiness in your future.”

Afterwards, student representative Ghmkin HASSAN from the Okayama University Graduate School of Integrated Health Systems Science delivered the valedictory speech, stating, “We are truly thankful to Okayama University, which endeavors to internationalize the education system. We are grateful to the commitment of Okayama University to provide an environment in which students from different countries and backgrounds can share their ideas and exchange their experiences. We do hope the splendid international opportunities are eternally kept open for our descendants from all over the world.”

After the ceremony, graduating students—who wore formal wear or traditional clothing from their home countries—took commemorative photos with family and friends, visited familiar classrooms for the last time, and said a bittersweet farewell to their student life at Okayama University.

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