Okayama University


Okayama University-Hue International Master’s Program Twelfth Completion Briefing Session

October 04, 2021

On September 28, an online briefing session was held to discuss the results of the twelfth iteration of the Okayama University-Hue International Master’s Program. As part of this special master’s program offered jointly by Okayama University and Hue University (Vietnam), Vietnamese students enrolled in Hue University transferred to Okayama University Graduate School of Environment and Life Science as second-year graduate students in April 2020; however, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, their studies were interrupted by as much as 6 months to a year. Even though their research had to continue under strained conditions as lessons moved online after returning to school, they overcame difficulties and successfully completed the program.

The briefing session is held each year to give students an opportunity to present their graduation research and to give a report to local businesses that support them during their time in Japan.

Six students who successfully graduated in September gave presentations on the results of their research, while three students who plan to graduate in March 2022 gave an interim report on their progress thus far.
Afterwards, students were divided into groups, allowing students to have a lively conversation with their supervisors and with representatives of the local businesses that supported them during the program.

We hope that the six successful graduates will use the knowledge and experience they gained from this course to benefit communities in their home country and we look forward to hearing about their future achievements. Okayama University will work to further improve the program, including the academic guidance and support systems. In addition, we will continue to have exchanges with Vietnam and help improve education in the country, to which we attach great importance to accelerate international exchanges with ASEAN countries.