Okayama University


Okayama University Concludes Comprehensive Tripartite Agreement with JETRO and FOCCI to Strengthen Industry-Government-Academia Internationalization and Cooperation

September 13, 2021

On August 31, Okayama University signed a comprehensive tripartite cooperation agreement with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Okayama Prefecture(FOCCI). The purpose of this agreement is to strengthen mutual cooperation and act as a platform for global skills development in order to contribute to local industrial development.

The signing ceremony was held online and attended by representatives of each institution, with President MAKINO Hirofumi and Senior Vice President for Global Engagement Strategy YOKOI Atsufumi representing Okayama University, Chairman and CEO SASAKI Nobuhiko and Chief Director of JETRO Okayama AIHARA Kimitoshi representing JETRO, and Chairman MATSUDA Hisashi and Managing Director TAKAHASHI Kuniaki representing FOCCI. President Makino, Chairman Sasaki and Chairman Matsuda signed the agreement and shared their expectations for the future. President Makino commented, “We want to train up people who become competent actors on the global stage through the tripartite cooperation”. Chairman Sasaki stated, “I have great expectations for this agreement”; while Chairman Matsuda said, “I would like to aim for greater results than we have ever achieved before by maximizing the strengths of our three institutions and exchanging information more frequently.”

In order to review and fortify strategies for a post-COVID-19 world, JETRO has been increasing its collaborative activities with local universities. As a direct result, Chairman Matsuda (who is also the acting chairman of JETRO’s Okayama branch) suggested an official tripartite collaboration, leading to the conclusion of this comprehensive agreement.

Based on the agreement, the three institutions will regularly exchange information and opinions through industry-government-academia round-table meetings, facilitate opportunities for students to consider international business possibilities by offering university lectures, collaborate to promote domestic employment opportunities to foreign students and contribute to regional development.
〇Japan External Trade Organization
With a network of more than 120 offices (48 domestic offices and 76 international offices in 55 countries), the organization supports Japanese companies and local regions aiming to expand their potential through international business operations. It also contributes greatly to the growth of the Japanese economy by encouraging market competitiveness.

〇Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Okayama Prefecture
The federation is made up of 12 chambers of commerce all located in Okayama Prefecture. It is responsible for collecting and researching information on commerce and industry and communicating and collaborating with economic organizations and government agencies. Besides playing a major role in regional development, the federation also assists with various cultural projects and supports small businesses.