Okayama University


Dear all international students who are waiting to enter Japan

January 18, 2022

In response with the new coronavirus and Omicron strains, the suspension of new international students entering Japan has been extended by the Government of Japan until the end of February 2022. We understand that international students who have been looking forward to finally being able to enter Japan must be disappointed by the restriction has been extended once again. It is with great regret that we, the faculty and staff, are also disappointed that we have to wait for a while, as we were in the process of preparing for the re-opening the international students’ entry to Japan in January.

We will be ready for welcoming you at Okayama as soon as the new entry to Japan is reopened.
In the meantime, we will also do our best to support your continuing learning through the web.

Our priority is welfare and health of students and we strongly believe that international students are one of the most valued members of Okayama University. However, it will take some time before your actual mobility would be possible.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you on campus and working together to create new value for future.

MAKINO Hirofumi
President, Okayama University

Executive Director for Academic Affairs/Provost