Okayama University


Okayama University Kendo Club Member FUKUI Hayato Competes in the All Japan Intercollegiate Championship

January 07, 2022

On December 4, 2021, Okayama University kendo club member FUKUI Hayato (third year, Faculty of Engineering) participated in the “69th All Japan Intercollegiate Kendo Championship”, which took place at the Sumida Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo. A total of 176 students from across Japan competed in the tournament, and Mr. Fukui was one among 16 students selected to represent the Chushikoku League. It was Mr. Fukui’s first time competing in the All Japan Intercollegiate Championship. His first match took place in the second round, but unfortunately, he lost to SHIGETSUNA Daichi from Asahi University (Gifu Prefecture).

Commenting on the match, Mr. Fukui said, “It was a great experience to participate in the All Japan Championship. My loss has motivated me to practice more in order to overcome my failings, and next year I hope to compete at the All Japan Championship in both the individual and group categories.”

Currently, the kendo club comprises 26 boys and 10 girls, with a total of 36 members. All of the members are training diligently in order to rank highly at the upcoming Chushikoku Student Kendo League Championship and Women’s Chushikoku Student Kendo League Championship in May.