Okayama University


FY2021 “Okayama University Future Sessions” Focus on Digital Transformation

March 09, 2022

Okayama University has been holding the "Okayama University Future Sessions(Miraikon)" since fiscal year 2017 to provide a platform for young faculty and staff members who will lead the next generation to think freely about sustainability at Okayama University. This year, Okayama University students were also invited to participate in the event, which was held on March 2 under the theme of “Digitalization – Going on the Offensive: Opening New Horizons with Education and Research x Digital Transformation (DX)”.

President MAKINO Hirofumi opened the event, stating, “In the near future, traditional social systems will be expected to undergo reform, and I believe that we should seek new developments in education and research through digital transformation. Additionally, I encourage you not to limit yourselves to departmental for faculty issues. Instead, this opportunity should be used to recognize your role as a member of SDGs research and promotion university, and I hope to discuss various issues from a wider perspective while considering long-term outcomes”.

Then, Executive Director for Promotion of Digital Transformation ABE Masanobu provided a summary of the various DX initiatives at Okayama University, explaining that, “Until now, we have focused on streamlining operations using “defensive DX” strategies; however, from now on we would like to “offensive DX” strategies in order to overturn existing frameworks and values. I hope that you will consider DX from a wide range of perspectives.”

Participants were divided into six groups to discuss a variety of issues related to the theme, including “entrance exams and education prior to university in relation to DX”, “DX at university” and “research and DX”, with each participant contributing according to their unique viewpoint as a student, faculty member, or university staff member.

The lively discussions were facilitated by Vice President INO Hideo, Vice President TANAKA Gaku, Vice Executive Director ISHIDA Mamoru, Vice Executive Director YOSHIKAWA Miyuki, Vice Executive Director SATOH Norito, and Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences ZAMAMI Yoshito. Afterwards, representatives from each group gave a presentation. The groups showcased their creativity and free thinking abilities―coming up with various proposals that included building new systems with DX and developing solutions using applications, AI and portal sites.

Finally, Executive Director Abe closed the session, outlining some expectations for the future and affirming his plan to incorporate ideas generated during the event into future DX promotion strategies, which will then be proposed to the university’s executive department.

Okayama University understands that the ‘feasibility’ of the ideas and opinions expressed at the Future Sessions is of upmost importance when considering reform. Going forward, we will clarify our reform plans in the short, medium, and long term to ensure that Okayama University remains the university of choice for decades to come.