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Applications for the OU Fellowship [Academic Year 2023] (Advance notice)

July 13, 2022

To Okayama University Graduate School Master's Students

Okayama University will begin accepting applications for the 2023 Okayama University Science and Technology Innovation Fellowship (OU Fellowship) in early September of this year.

This program aims to secure excellent human resources who will enter the doctoral course or doctoral program.
The purpose of this program is to foster young researchers who will promote research in "Priority Research Fields" at Okayama University and produce researchers who will play a leading role in the future creation of science, technology, and innovation in Japan.

Under this program, Okayama University provides and allocates a stipend equivalent to living expenses (1,800,000 yen per year) and research expenses.
In addition, the program will provide various initiatives to improve research skills and support career paths.
Through these measures, we will support doctoral students.

The start of the open call for applications will be announced on the Okayama University WEB site and via email to Okayama University Gmail.
A Web information session will be held in late August this year.
Detailed information will be posted on the OU Fellowship WEB site below.
Please check it from time to time.

[OU Fellowship website]

[Application Schedule (tentative) ]
Publication of application guidelines: Mid-August, 2022
Web-based information session: Late August, 2022
Open application period: September 1 - 26, 2022
Interview screening: During November, 2022
Decision on employment: End of November, 2022

[Contact/Address to Send Your Application (OU Fellowship Secretariat)]
Yoshida/Kanemoto, Research Support Office
 Email: ou-fellowship◎adm.okayama-u.ac.jp (Replace "@" with "◎".)
 Phone Number: 086 251 8462