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【To all faculty and staff】On the Use of Generative AI by University Faculty and Staff

April 21, 2023

April 21, 2023

To all faculty and staff

Okayama University President
Yasutomo Nasu

On the Use of Generative AI by University Faculty and Staff

The number of people using ChatGPT and other generative AIs on a trial basis is increasing all over the world. There is a debate about the impact on people's work and lives, with reports questioning the use of generative AI and even extreme moves abroad to ban them. Of particular concern is the use of generative AI as being an invasion of privacy by leaking personal information and as using erroneous information of unknown authenticity, or fake news.
While the appropriate use of generative AI could improve operational efficiency, there are also situations that could be of concern. In order to ensure the appropriate handling of information, we ask that you pay close attention to the following points regarding the use of generative AI by university faculty and staff.

1. Information obtained through generative AI should be used appropriately with the following points in mind:
◆Keep in mind that generative AI does not always generate correct results. It’s important to check the information against other sources for reliability.
◆Generative AI information should not be used if it contains slander, invades privacy, or contains discriminatory or offensive expressions.
◆Information obtained through generative AI may have copyrights, ideas, data, and research results from other people. The information may also differ from the facts. Users must take full responsibility of their actions while keeping in mind the standpoint of research fairness.

2. Do not enter any of the following personal and confidential information into generative AI:
◆Personal information (any personal information of students, faculty, staff, patients, and business associates)
◆Copyrighted information
◆Information that is subject to confidentiality issues concerning the management of the university
◆Information that discredits or may discredit the integrity of the university

3. Additional notes:
◆Okayama University will continue to monitor and review the guidelines and policies from the government regarding generative AI. We will continue to study these issues and keep you informed.