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【To all students】Use of Generative AI in Learning and Education

April 21, 2023

April 21, 2023

To all students,

Okayama University President
Yasutomo Nasu

Use of Generative AI in Learning and Education

The impact of Chat GPT and other generative AI on university education has become a major topic of discussion. Some countries have accepted it as an inevitable new trend, while others have banned its use.
At Okayama University, we believe that it is more important for students to be able to think critically and study with a purpose for themselves.
Based on these ideas and on the concept of “academic integrity,” we would like to keep an eye on the trend of generative AI and inform all students at Okayama University about the following considerations:

■Important Considerations of Generative AI
1. Students should be proactive: It is easy for generative AI to automatically generate sentences, images, etc., but students must learn to think critically and study with a purpose for themselves.
2. Ethical considerations: Careful consideration should be given to information from AI which contains slander, invades privacy, or contains discriminatory or offensive language.
Please refrain from using this type of information.
3. Validation: AI content is not always accurate. When dealing with important information which should be accurate for reports, academic papers, or other content, it is important to make sure your sources are reliable.
4. Privacy issues: How generative AI processes things is still unclear. Do not provide any personal or confidential information to AI applications.
5. Personal responsibility: Remember that you are responsible for any problems that might occur from using AI-generated content.

Remember that generative AI output of sentences, programs, etc. are not based on the students' own ideas. Using information taken from AI for writing reports and papers, or for examinations, may be considered plagiarism or cheating. Instructions for limiting or prohibiting the use of generative AI depend on each class, so please follow the guidelines regarding its use from your instructor.
Okayama University will continue to review the trends and uses of generative AI and will notify students periodically.