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The 2022 “Okayama University Student Cultural Encouragement Award / Student Sports Award” Conferral Ceremony Held

April 03, 2023

On March 23, the 2022 Okayama University Student Cultural Encouragement Award and Student Sports Award Ceremony was held at the Kanemitsu Hall of the 50th Anniversary Hall, and 76 individuals and 12 groups were awarded.

The Student Cultural Encouragement Award is given to students who have achieved excellent results in extracurricular cultural activities or who have been recognized for their outstanding achievements in such activities. The Student Sports Award is given to students who have achieved excellent results in international or national sports activities, or who have made continuous contributions to society or to the activities of the Alumni Association.

At the award ceremony, FUNAHASHI Hiroaki (Executive Director for Academic Affairs) / Provost, presented certificates of commendation to representatives of each award recipient. He made a congratulatory address: "This award is the result of everyone's daily efforts, even during the corona crisis, and I would like to express my respect for achieving such excellent results. Extracurricular activities are also one of the things you learn at university, and I hope that the graduates who are about to enter the workforce will make use of the experiences you have cultivated in your extracurricular activities in your future lives, and play active roles.”

Please click here to see the list of award winners.
 ○Student Cultural Encouragement Award (individual and group)
 ○Student Sports Award, Sports Excellence Award (individual/group)
 ○Student Sports Award, Sports Encouragement Award (individual/group)
 ○Student Sports Award, Sports Contribution Award (individual)

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