Okayama University


Energetic Two-Day Event: "Fully Revived Okayama University Festival" Held

November 10, 2023

On November 3 and 4, Okayama University organized its university festival (Tsushima Festival) at the Tsushima East Campus. This year, with the removal of entry restrictions, the university aimed to create a lively festival where many students and local residents could gather. The theme chosen for this event was "Yotterassai! Kiterassai! Fully Revived Okayama University Festival."

Throughout the event, the venue was adorned with diverse simulated shops run by students. In addition to the customary cultural and sports club activities, including various projects and music performances, the specially designated stages at four locations within the venue featured elaborate performances such as contests and dances by student groups. Both days were a tremendous success, creating an atmosphere of excitement and festivity.

On the second day, a talk show featuring the multi-talented actor, entertainer, singer, and songwriter SHIROTA Yu was held at the Shimizu Memorial Gymnasium. The talk show attracted a large audience not only from within the university but also from other prefectures, contributing to the overall excitement.

The festival preparations were carried out by a dedicated team of students, and with the cooperation of the local community and visitors, the two-day event concluded successfully. Reflecting on the festival, MASUNO Shinnosuke, the chairman of the festival execution committee and a second-year student in the School of Engineering, expressed his gratitude, saying, "Thank you very much for attending the Okayama University Festival. On behalf of the executive committee, I deeply appreciate everyone's cooperation and support. This year, we were able to revive the traditional vibrancy by removing most of the restrictions. It is a great pleasure to see the smiles of visitors and stakeholders. We will continue to work hard to show an even more vibrant Okayama University to many more people in the coming years."