Okayama University


Special Lecture and Exchange Event with Graduates on the Special Course for Global Human Resource Development

February 07, 2024

On February 1, the Global Human Resource Development Special Course invited Mr. MATSUMOTO Sota, a graduate of the Faculty of Law and a 5th cohort of the Global Human Resource Development Special Course (G Course), to give a special lecture. Mr. Matsumoto, who pursued a career in international cooperation as a staff member of JICA, delivered a lecture titled “Why is it important to have global experience? – Insights from a G Course Graduate Working at JICA.” He explained about JICA's organization and projects and passionately talked about what he realized through his many global experiences, such as studying abroad, and why he wanted to work in international cooperation.

The following day, on February 2, the Study Abroad Preparation Desk co-hosted an event titled "I want to utilize my study abroad experience and international activities in my career! ☆Roundtable Discussion with a Graduate☆" was held. It turned into a relaxed roundtable discussion, with Mr. Matsumoto offering advice to juniors and answering their questions.