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The International Students’ Alumni Association of Okayama University Establishment Ceremony and the 1st General Assembly

January 13, 2012

“The International Students’ Alumni Association of Okayama University Establishment Commemorative Ceremony and the 1st General Assembly” was held at the conference Hall in International House on the 22nd of October which is Homecoming Day, celebrating in the anniversary of the founding of Okayama University.

About 150 guests, including alumni, in Japan and from abroad, as well as current international students at the university, attended the assembly. Dr. Chou Kou from China, at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, served as the founding chairperson. She addressed the group and said, “Improving the global competitiveness has become an inevitable demand for the university. I hope the association becomes a bridge that connects the university with the economic industries in the world and the region.” After approving the regulations of the association and the introduction of directors, participants enjoyed watching the performances conducted by international students dressed traditional costumes. They also spent time talking with local business leaders from economic industries in the region. All members sang the nursery rhyme "Furusato"(My Sweet Home), and in doing so strengthened the relations, between Okayama natives and others.

Honorary guests such as, Kong Duozi・Yushupu, Vice- Consul at Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Osaka, Sun KeQiang Consul, Mr. Tsutomu Komoto, Chairperson of the Okayama prefectural congress, Dr. Masaru Araki, vice president of Okayama University, gave congratulatory messages. The message by Mr. Ishii Masahiro, the governor of Okayama prefecture was also read by proxy. In addition, many congratulatory telegrams from higher education organizations in Okayama prefecture, mayors of municipalities, various economic organizations, and international exchange groups, including Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, present of Okayama University, Mr. Shigeo Takaya, mayor of Okayama, were read out to emphasized the importance of this occasion.
There are currently plans to build a network system via the Internet, where members can exchange information. Also plans are being made to create chapters in Tokyo, China, and Vietnam in the future.

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