Okayama University


2013 Matriculation Ceremony Held

April 08, 2013

 The Matriculation ceremony for Okayama University and Graduate Schools was held on April 8 at the Momotaro Arena (Izumi-cho, Kita Ward, Okayama City), welcoming 3,458 new students / graduate school students to the university.
 President Morita formally matriculated the students while huge crowds of their families looked on. In his speech, the president stated that he hoped the students would gain a wide breadth of learning to form both specialized knowledge and humanity, molding them into people able to be active globally. Toshiki Kikuchi of the Faculty of Letters gave a speech as a representative for the students, vowing that each student would believe in their unlimited potential and strive to become able to contribute to society, living up to the name of Okayama University.
 This was followed by an introduction of the university vice presidents, the graduate school deans and faculty heads, and a congratulatory speech by Keiichi Konaga, chairman of the university's alumni association. The university orchestra gave a celebratory performance, and after the end of the ceremony the university's cheerleading club gave a rousing cheer for the new students to welcome them in.