Okayama University


Special Cambridge Days Lecture

October 23, 2013

 Okayama University, as part of its vision of being an academic capital, invited Professor Gillian Murphy of the University of Cambridge, one of the world's foremost universities, to give a lecture titled "Education and Research at the University of Cambridge" on October 15 at the 50th Anniversary Hall.

 Professor Murphy explained the history and traditions of the University of Cambridge, its educational system and the functions required by modern universities. In attendance were approximately 280 people from inside and outside the university, who listened avidly to Professor Murphy's exposition on how modern-day universities need to contribute to society while maintaining their pursuit of education and learning as before as well as research at the highest level.

 On October 16 a special lecture on molecular biology called "Tumour Biology and Arthritis" was given at the Shikata Campus as an event related to Cambridge Days. Professor Murphy, who is researching cancer in the field of molecular biology, and Professor Hideki Nagase of the University of Oxford, who is researching arthritis, gave the lecture in English without any interpreting to Faculty of Medicine students. The attending students were filled with excitement at this chance to hear world-class researchers.