Okayama University


Training for Educators from Senegal Begins at Okayama University

October 23, 2013

 An opening ceremony was held on October 7 for the Strengthening Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Project (PREMST2) being jointly run by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Republic of Senegal, and ten educators and project coordinators from Senegal has begun training at the Okayama University. The members will be taught by our instructors up to the 28th, studying math and science classes.

 The low academic abilities of children in Senegal compared to other African nations has become an issue, with the lack of knowledge and teaching skills of its teachers being cited as one of the causes. This project aims at solving such issues for Senegal's educators, the participating members learning through lectures and practical exercises focused on math and science, as well as observing classes and lesson planning sessions at our Faculty of Education's affiliated primary schools.

 The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Masaru Kaga, Dean of the Graduate School of Education, Dr. Masahiro Taguchi, Vice-Director of the International Center, and Noriaki Nishiyama, Director of the JICA Chugoku International Center, and the participating members. Vice-Director Taguchi gave a message of encouragement, stating that "We look forward to this course laying the foundation for realizing exemplary classes to be used not only in the schools of the members of this course, but widely throughout the whole of Senegal."