Okayama University


Thai Educators Visit Faculty of Education Affiliated School

September 13, 2013

A party of approximately forty people involved in education from Bangkok, Thailand visited the kindergarten, primary school and junior high school affiliated with our Faculty of Education, viewing lessons and the school facilities, in order to see education firsthand in Okayama and to put ideas gleaned to use in their own country.

Our affiliated schools conduct integrated education from kindergarten through junior high school, with educational techniques matched to developmental stages, practical teaching training and learning experience for students in our Faculty of Education, as well as enthusiastic research into education among teachers. The Thai educators viewed English and art classes, as well as visiting the school libraries, lunch rooms, and play areas. Their questions focused on how the classes were divided and on in-service training, with our teachers giving carefully thought-out answers.

Comments from the Thai educators noted that "the children look to be living vibrantly and with ambition," "the school is clean and students are seriously involved in areas of daily life as well as study," and that "in Thailand the focus is only on study, but there is a need for a change of awareness among educators and parents."

Dr. Kazumasa Ohashi (Professor of the Graduate School of Education), Vice Dean in charge of the affiliated schools, said that he hoped the Thai educators observed the particular methods and educational system of the affiliated schools and would make great use of their observations in Thailand.